Advantage Rajasthan
With 252 mines currently in operation, Rajasthan accounts for the entire production of lead and zinc concentrates of India.
Rajasthan constitutes 23 per cent of the National Capital Region (NCR), second largest urban agglomeration in the world.
Jaipur - the State capital - has been ranked No. 1 in Talent Sourcing and Employee Costs by Hewitt Associates.
Rajasthan houses 322 industrial areas comprising 4 Agro Food Parks, 3 EPIPs and 2 SEZs. The EPIP in Jaipur is the largest in north India while the IT SEZ in the state capital is the largest in the country.
46% of the total DMIC falls in Rajasthan. About 60% of the State's area falls within the project area of influence, including some of the major districts.

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